Travel Trends Driving Global Tourism

Travel Trends Driving Global Tourism

Travel industry has evolved from the traditional purpose whereby it was viewed as a way out and relaxes and for leisure purposes. This has been brought by the advancement of information technology which has opened almost each and every corner of the globe. This trend of travel advance has brought about increased travel needs that the traveler expects to gain from their travel experience compared to earlier travel expeditions.  Over the years with continued growth and evolving travel preferences against the backdrop in global safety and over tourism crisis tourism facilities providers, tour operators and activities providers are faces with higher expectations from more sophisticated travelers. Various trends are bound to take this industry with a whirl wind. It is therefore important for tourism industry providers to be ready in meeting their client expectations. Here is just but a few trends that they have to focus and invest in as are bound to reap big from them.

Unique experience

The experience of the traveler forms the backbone of his satisfaction when it comes to travel. Tour operators looking to reap big from the tourism industry this year are bound to develop packages that will deliver guest experience in a unique way. Those who will prioritize experience to address their clients’ needs will have a meaningful share I the market today.

Ease in bookings

Most travel bookings are made online, through tour or activity operator’s website. It is therefore the prerogative role of the provider to develop an informative and up to date website, it is also important to note that with the evolvement of the technology, mobile happens to be one of the ideal modes of accessing websites. According to data collected by Trekksoft 50% of bookings made online were done on mobile in 2017. Investing in awesome mobile booking applications in 2018 will make you ease the guest experience thus more returns in revenue.

Avoid generational differences

It is common to make a misconception while planning a package based on the age thus missing on the market share. Earlier the trend has been that the adventurous packed packages were being taken by the younger generation. That is not the case today, younger generation usually aged between 30-50 years are more interested in relaxing getaway while the 65yrs and above are more interested in adventures and social opportunities. It is therefore to create packages that are appealing to peoples’ lifestyles age notwithstanding.

Cater for international visitors

Over the years there has been an influx of international tourist globally. It is there important for tour operators and activities providers to provide their services in a multitude of languages and tailored experiences suited to their cultures and needs.

Increased emphasis on health and well being

Most tourists today are taking charge of health. It is therefore important for important for the tourism providers to develop well equipped fitness centers, pools and spas in order for them to lure more customers. This is in addition to healthy food, lighting that energizes, air purification, yoga spaces and even vitamin infused shower water.

Investing in sustainability policies

This will involve installation of eco-friendly installations such as renewable energy sources and automatic air conditioning and lightings

On time damage control

With the growth of social media platforms, it is possible for a dissatisfied customer to complain the on such platforms. For that reason it is important for service providers to engage and respond timely to their needs on these platforms. This helps in building a positive image and maintaining positive guest relations that eventually drives future bookings.

Safety and security

Guest safety is of much importance. Tourism service providers should therefore ensure paramount safety for all of their guests. This also helps in the fight against global threat of terrorism and abductions. Nations have put in place various techniques and procedure to ensure security and safety of tourist who visit their countries. This in has created a conducive environment for tourism activities to take place.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms have become the order of the day today almost everybody globally belongs to one or more social platforms. For this reason it does not only make you presence notable online but also cuts on revenue used for marketing purposes. Again stamping a social media platform creates an avenue to create a strong clients database that will help in improving the services offered.

Rise of new market regions

In 2017n the industry experienced a tremendous growth in business tourism in the East region of the globe. This was necessitated by the growth in manufacturing industries in the region. UNTWO predicts a 50% growth in the Arabic market. Going by this, it is there lucrative to invest in heavily in this region. This will result in influx of tourists in this region.

Maturity of Chinese market is changing their travel preferences

This an area that one needs to focus on as the market has matured. Most of the Chinese travelers you will encounter are repeat customers. They are out to look for more as they have accustomed themselves to the culture, learnt the local languages thus they are out there for adventure. It is important to note that while for this clientele base 46% of them are women. It is therefore important to develop packages that will cater for women sole traveler needs.

Over tourism

As we progress in 2018 is important to focus on over tourism. Sustainability should go beyond protecting the environment but also strive to protect the local communities and residents. This focus will also help in discovering new places that are lesser known. No one would fancy to tour an overcrowded destination.

For one to succeed in running an exemplary tourism service provision, it is important to focus on various trends that affect the business environment. These trends are dynamic and running constant will make sure that up to date in the game. Again the time frames that these trends change differ depending with generational clientele clusters. In most cases millennial clientele base needs are constantly changing compared to the older generation.




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