How To Save Money On Accommodation

How To Save Money On Accommodation

Preparations for your vacation are in top gear. You probably ran out of cash during your previous vacation and you would like to ensure that everything runs smooth this year. Well, this post is just what you need to make a better trip this time round.

For the preponderance of travelers, accommodation is often least among their list of factors to consider. The truth however, is that where you spend the night is one of the major expenses that are fixed on any vacation. Therefore, you must start by learning the tips on finding cheap accommodation so that you save more cash to spend on other activities.

Spending your nights in the most expensive hotel rooms will not guarantee you any memorable moments. In fact, if you will spend that time sleeping, there is nothing to remember in your sleep. Lucky enough, there are manifold website resources and tips to aid you in accessing the safest, most practical accommodation that still guarantees you value for your money.

Whether you will be traveling alone or with your children, the issue is never about finding the cheapest deals, but getting value for your money. How you choose to travel and spend your money is totally upon you. But when the sun sets, you will need a place to spend the night. You may still get the best deal on accommodation if you want to.

Your choice of where to sleep often depends on the following five factors:

  • Your travel budget
  • Your travel destination
  • Your style of travel and comfort levels
  • The number of companions
  • Your interests

The fact that you are getting 15% discount on a room you do not want is not always better than going for a regular priced room you want. The goal is to ensure that you save more on accommodation and get the price that suits your budget, at a place that makes you happy.

Oftentimes, accommodation styles change with the duration of your trip and travel destination. This is due to the dynamic travel styles ranging from solo, to couples and families. When traveling as a family on a long vacation, apartments offer better accommodation for the following reasons:

  • You get access to a full kitchen. This will save you money by ensuring that you do not eat out every night.
  • Apartments have bedrooms separated from the living room. This makes it easier to put your kids to bed.
  • You can also do your own laundry and avoid paying for that service
  • You can choose to split costs with another family by booking a three or four bedroomed apartment.

With these additional facilities on your long stay, you can be certain of making your trip much more fun.

If on the other hand, it is a short stay in the city, or you are just traveling as a couple, you may want to consider staying in a hotel. Alternatively, you can cut costs by finding a hostel that is family friendly. Below are more tips on finding cheap accommodation:


A good rule of thumb is to find accommodation that is centrally located to the activities you want to partake during your vacation. It doesn’t make sense to find cheap hotel accommodation when it is going to cost more to get to your preferred activities.

You need to ensure that your accommodation is close to local attractions, public transport, food outlets, airports, beaches and parks among other amenities and facilities. If possible, consider a location that allows you to walk to most of the things you want.

You will not only save on money, but time as well.

Consider Staying More Than A Single Night

For most accommodation providers, deals come when you spend more than one night. For instance, you will find deals such as stay 4 nights and pay for 3. These deals are especially predominant in the off season.

Stay Over On Sundays

Most hotels will receive leisure travelers on Friday and Saturday nights. Monday to Friday bookings are often from business travelers. This means that Sunday nights often have voids, meaning you can easily find cheap accommodation.

Consider Mid-Week Stay

Some locations such as Las Vegas, Friday and Saturday nights are peak periods attracting higher rates. You can be strategic by avoiding such peak periods and staying mid-week where you will be sure of getting cheap hotel accommodation. As a rule of thumb, be sure to avoid big cities during weekends whenever it is possible.

Weekend rates can raise tremendously, some even tripling normal rates.

Travel Off-Season

Do hotels have cheaper rates in different seasons? Definitely yes!

An obvious tip to finding cheaper accommodation is by choosing the shoulder season for your travels. This is the period between peak and off-peak seasons. At this time, the costs of accommodation will be much lower, while the weather will still favor your activities. For popular destinations, you will be able to avoid those large crowds that make sightseeing almost impossible. Besides, it is equally the most practical way to save on car rental and flights.

Share Costs By Staying In Suites Or Apartments

Are you traveling as a family or as a small group? Well, this is one of the best travel tips that will guarantee you savings on accommodation. Apartments and suites are a great way to reduce your accommodation costs, especially when you cost-share with another family or group. They are by all means more practical and cheaper than booking a hotel.

Think Hostels

While most travelers have complained about lack of quality and quantity in hostels, over recent years the network has become extensive with ever increasing quality. Many modern hostels are now offering private and family rooms. This makes them one of the most suitable cheaper alternatives to hotels.

Further still, in most major cities, hostels are located near tourist sites and public transport. Private and family rooms are mostly cheaper than hotel rooms, plus having free services like laundry and luggage storage, Wi-Fi, well equipped kitchen facilities among others.

Besides being a great way to save money, hostels offer an incredible opportunity to meet and interact with other travelers.

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