Benefits of Hiring Myanmar Shalom Travel Company

Benefits of Hiring Myanmar Shalom Travel Company

Myanmar Shalom a tour agency or company that arrange and design tours for travelers in Myanmar. Myanmar Shalom also caters to the interest and needs of individual or group that ordered for their travel package.

Myanmar Shalom was initiated in 2006 and currently is among the top travel agency in Myanmar. Myanmar Shalom local guide comprises a sightseeing program, authentic and interesting collection for Myanmar residence.

Myanmar Shalom has collaborated with other travel agencies, tour leaders, travel experts, tour operators and lecture all over the world so as to create a unique route and offer the entire services that necessary for their clients.

 For the cooperate tours they’ve provided a logistic plan for Corporates such US-ASEAN Business-Council-Mission since the year 2011 and also they’ve received appreciation due to their impressive services from companies such as General Electric, Oracle, Honeywell and much more companies in Myanmar.

Myanmar Shalom Managing Team

Myanmar travel agencies comprise various tour packages but slightly differs from Myanmar Shalom, since they are equipped with certified managing team. For instance, a recent managing director Sammy Samuel is a well-recognized leader who graduated from Yeshiva University and also the top business in New York. Some of his colleagues address him as Burma Ambassador due to his experience of 10 years in the travel industry.

Shalom is one of the Myanmar travel agency that competes with travel industries abroad due to its dependable operation team. The managing director has also assisted folks in America in arranging and designing their tour to Myanmar. Thus, Shalom travel agency has enhanced tourism in Myanmar by increasing the number of tourist traveling into the country.

 Team Set-up

The success of Myanmar’s Operation team has always depended on the quality of their certified workers. The target has been always to provide a highly standardized service to higher degree individuals. It is so unfortunate that they have dedicated and talented workers in their company.

Myanmar Shalom office crew and travel guide range from youths to seniors, most of them are very informed, flexible and understand the rigorous necessities of the current tourists. They have considerable revel in hosting organization and man or woman in Myanmar travel, sharing their love and understanding of their local culture with site visitors from around the world.

10-year anniversary celebration

Myanmar Shalom celebrated its 10-12 months of Excellence at The Strand Hotel Yangon in 2016 December. They will continue to maintain our excellence carrier and would like to proportion the splendor of Myanmar with the rest of the world & look ahead to welcoming you in Myanmar.

Advantages of hiring Myanmar Travel agency

The most enjoyable moment that you cannot afford to miss in your lifetime is traveling out of the country. Planning to travel to another territory and experience the whole new life is so exciting. However, organizing the entire trip can be somehow complicated and tiresome.

This hassle can drain all the extra energy that you could have utilized to carry out some essential tasks before you left for your long-awaited trip. If you are Myanmar resident and you’ve considered going for a vacation, it will be advisable if you choose Myanmar traveling agency. Most people are always distressed about the expenses incurred while finding a reliable and convenient travel agency.

However, only professional travelers know that to enjoy such an agent can deliver extra benefit to travelers and assist in making the entire vacation planning without a hassle. Here are some highlighted benefits of dealing with Myanmar traveling agency:

Travel companies understand their business

 Most traveling agencies cooperate with networks of airlines, hotels and tour guides agency. If you take advantage of these connections, it will easier for them to plan the entire trip, while you know the right and authentic people to refer to.

Travel agencies help with processing record


If it is your first time to travel abroad and the specification documents that regard going for a vacation are not familiar to you, it can be much advisable if you look for Travel Company. The travel agency understands very well the requirements of every nation and also they know the credible means of obtaining them easily and quick.

In addition, to organize a trip through an agency is rather budget-friendly. Moreover, with the assistance of Travel Company, you can spare some time for homework and you will have a convenient time for processing all your stuff more effectively.

Travel agency always equipped with an emergency plans

Just imagine you have taken much of your time planning for your long-awaited vacation, unfortunately, something bad happens! In addition, it can be rather difficult to make some changes of your plans especially when you are currently in a foreign nation and to make the matter worse, you have nobody to call and ask for assistance.

 By having a legitimate travel agency, you can just explain to them your setbacks and they will quickly organize to assist on time accordingly. Starting from residence booking errors to transport delays and lost luggage, Myanmar shalom professional travel company are equipped with a practical option for any sort of setback.

Most travel agencies offer insurance

The addition of an insurance plan for one best reason you should acquire travel agency assistance. As the result of the occurrence of whichever kind of terrible event along the journey, will definitely have a compensation. Without an insurance cover, it can be challenging to find out what you can do in case of any bad even occurrence.


Myanmar travel agency is affordable especially if you are a frequent traveler and also depends on the kind of trip. However, they are so effective for both your enjoyment and safety. Apparently, the benefits of choosing Myanmar traveling agency is worth the price. Hence, when you are planning for a vacation, you exactly where to consider for most efficient and enjoyable trip. Thus, in order to get the ideal travel company so as to make your trip valuable and affordable to your budget, Myanmar travel agency is the better option.

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